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In the Companies Act’2013, the duties and liabilities of the directors have been increased considerably and directors and officers are held liable for their decisions. The director or officer can be personally held liable and their personal assets can be used to settle the liability. The Director and Officer Insurance can come to their rescue and protect senior executives from financial liabilities arising from the legal action against them.

Supreme Court : Insurance Claim Can't Be Denied Due To Delay In Filing It
Oct 17, 2017

Granting relief to a man who was denied the claim for his stolen vehicle, Supreme Court said that insurance claims cannot be rejected if the reason for delay in filing it is explained satisfactorily.

State government may launch public sector insurance company.
Sept 18, 2017

The Maharashtra government may soon become a new player in the insurance industry. The state government is planning to set up an insurance company in a joint venture with a public sector insurer.

Insurers fear deluge of flood claims.
Sept 1, 2017

Since late June, several states like Assam, Bihar, Gujarat Haryana and Rajasthan have been hit by devastating floods, leading to heavy loss of lives and damage to livestock as well as property. The rising number of flood damage claims, pouring in from flood-hit states, has the general insurance sector worried.


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